2016-2017 Year

The 2016-2017 game was FIRST Steamworks, the theme around it was steampunk themed and we went to Huntsville, Alabama for the 1st competition and, our usual, Cleveland, Ohio for the 2nd competition. The mission for the year was to deliver Gears and “Fuel”, which were just lime green wiffle balls, to an airship that the robots had to climb onto to score extra points. Our robot that year was named “Iron Clad”. We also had a foreign exchange student from Japan that year, Taiki Sano.

In the Rocket City Regional in Alabama, we were Rank 9, but one of the leading teams joined another leading team, so we ended being an Alliance Captain, we finished in 3rd place. In the Buckeye Regional in Cleveland, we were Rank 42, but one of our team members, Cole Engle, won the Dean’s List Finalist Award. 

The Dean’s List Award is an award that is given to someone on a team that shows passion for and effectiveness at attaining FIRST ideals.