About Us

Hi, We’re FRC Team 2010!

We’re a FIRST team from Champion, OH. We have been a team for ten years. Every year, we build a robot based on a game from FIRST and compete with other FRC teams from around the world. Along with building robots, we also make it our duty to teach and excite our community about STEM. Usually, we host the “Are You Smarter Than a Robotics Student?” game show, which teaches the community in a creative manner. However, we decided to hold a craft show this year in the fall. We also volunteer at events such as the Turkey Trot and demonstrate our robot at the National Packard Museum, Mill Creek Park, and our local Delphi branch.

In 2014, we worked with other local NEOFRA teams to host the first ever Mahoning Valley Robotics Challenge. This off-season competition brought teams from our area and surrounding states to one high school. With this, we also drew in our community to experience an FRC competition right at home.

Our main motivation is to make our community as excited about the program as we are.

There is always a spot on our team for new members as we allow our members to pursue and learn more about their own interests, from things concerning the construction of the robot to the financial and social sides of the team!