Safety FIRST!

Safety is one of FIRST’s number one priorities, and is one of our team’s as well. When building a robot, students will use large machines and numerous tools, some of which they may have never worked with before. This is why safety is vital for all students and mentors to understand as they start their season.

Getting Started:
One of the first things you want to explore is the FIRST Safety Manual. Here, you will get a general idea about what FRC teams should consider. It is also suggested that students look into the UL Safety Smart Ambassador Training. With this training, teams can be better prepared and have a solid starting place. And, of course, it’s crucial to make sure every student and mentor has safety glasses! As well as giving an initial safety presentation at the beginning of the season, our team also suggests having weekly presentations over specific topics to help keep everyone in a safety mindset.

2010 Resources:
Our Safety Manual
Our Weekly Safety Presentations