January 27, 2015

Robot Design


For the 2016 Robot Design, we decided to create a robot that does arguably the most difficult task in the game: to score in goal 7 feet off the ground. This is accomplished with a turret mechanism and two driven flywheels. The turret allows us to aim at almost any location around our robot, rotating vertically and 270 degrees horizontally. Also, with our motors, the “boulder” (a 10″ foam ball) is able to shoot out of the end of our mechanism at over 30 feet per second. This allows us to accurately and consistently score into the high goal. In addition, we have 6 placation wheels, with the center ones being dropped down slightly, to allow us to get over obstacles quickly and turn smoothly. Hopefully, this will prove to be a winning combination for our team and alliance, advancing us through competitions.


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